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2-year postdoctoral position at Glasgow University -- fMRI/MEG

I'm submitting this on behalf of Pascal Belin in Glasgow -- if anyone is interested please contact him directly



2-year postdoctoral position in Glasgow.
Job purpose: To contribute to a 2-years BBSRC-funded project entitled
"Cerebral processing of affective nonverbal vocalizations: a combined
fMRI and MEG study" with Profs Pascal Belin and Joachim Gross at the
Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology at Glasgow University.
Specifically, the job requires a review of current literature in
relevant fields, development of stimuli and experimental procedures,
contributing to the design and programming of the behavioural, fMRI and
MEG experiments, recruiting and running the participants, assisting in
analysing the results, and participating in the writing up of the results.
Salary Range £31,948 - £35,938. Vacancy Ref: 002068, closing date: 27
June 2012.
Apply at: