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Re: simultaneous play/record for 64-bit Matlab on Macs?

PlayRec and Pa_Wavplayrecord will both work for you, but under 64bit windows you need a 64bit C compiler to compile the mex functions, which unlike the 32bit version isn’t free last time I looked. If you have the full version of Visual C++ then you should have a compiler. Run ‘mex –setup’ to check which compilers you have installed.


Kind Regards


Sam Jelfs



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Hi Braxton,


We have been using this in our lab...



I suppose you can compile this for your platform too. Hope it helps.




On Tue, May 15, 2012 at 7:24 AM, Braxton Boren <bbb259@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Hey everyone,

Our lab has been using the PsychToolbox's PsychPortAudio API for simultaneous play/record in Matlab, but it hasn't been updated for 64-bit yet, and no one from PsychToolbox has responded to me about when it might be. Has anyone else found anything similar that allows simultaneous multichannel play and record capability for 64-bit Matlab on a Mac?


Braxton Boren
Music and Audio Research Lab
New York University


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