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Last CfP eNTERFACE Workshop Socially Aware Many-to-Machine Communication - Deadline for registration today

Dear List,


For those of you interested – the registration deadline for the


eNTERFACE Workshop Socially Aware Many-to-Machine Communication


is today. Please see the attached call or below in case of interest.


Thank you for excusing cross-postings.





Call for Participation


Research and Development Workshop on

Socially Aware Many-to-Machine Communication


held at the 8th International Summer Workshop on Multimodal Interfaces (eNTERFACE 2012)

Metz, France

July, 2th - July, 27th 2012



The M2M workshop aims to bring together excellent graduate researchers from the affective computing and the speech signal processing domains for a four week research and development project in the field of emotional virtual agents. Affective computing applications, aiming to emulate 'social skills' in technical systems by signal processing and machine learning, are facing several grand challenges when moving from laboratory conditions to deployment 'in-the-wild'. In particular, these include interaction with multiple individuals in multi-source natural environments. As a proof of concept, multi-user interaction capabilities will be integrated into the virtual agents developed in the European FP7 SEMAINE project. The focus of the M2M project will be on the front-end; hence, techniques for single- and multi-channel speaker diarization and speech recognition are of special interest, in order to provide the foundation for natural “many-to-machine” communication . By that, the workshop aims at advancing the state-of-the-art in machine intelligence for socially aware, natural, and hands-free interaction with speech-based technical systems.


Call for Participation:

Prospective participants should have excellent background in at least one of the following areas:

                     monaural speech enhancement and/or de-reverberation;

                     speaker diarization;

                     affective computing, emotion and personality models and annotation;

                     machine learning in signal processing;

                     object oriented software development in C++.


Organization / Registration:

This event is part of the 8th International Summer Workshop on Multimodal Interfaces (eNTERFACE 2012) in Metz, France, organized by Supélec. Workshop attendance is free of charge. Accomodation and meals will be provided for a small fee. Please refer to the enterFACE website, http://enterface12.metz.supelec.fr/call_for_participation.php for details.


Registration deadline: 15th April, 2012


Team Leaders:

Björn Schuller (Technische Universität München)                                 schuller@xxxxxx

Cyril Joder (Technische Universität München)                                        cyril.joder@xxxxxx

Florian Eyben (Technische Universität München)                                 eyben@xxxxxx

Felix Weninger (Technische Universität München)                              weninger@xxxxxx






Dr. Björn Schuller


Technische Universität München

Institute for Human-Machine Communication

D-80333 München









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