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Summer School on Auditory Cognition

Dear list,

I would like to call you attention to the 2nd Summer School on Auditory Cognition which takes place in Plymouth, UK, in this year. Please distribute the information between students.

Auditory Cognition – Listening in the real world

2nd Summer School on Auditory Cognition

16-23rd July 2012, Plymouth, UK

The 2nd EU-Cog sponsored Summer School on Auditory Cognition will be taking place between July 16th and July 23rd, 2012, in Plymouth, UK. The summer school is exclusively focused on the topic of "Auditory Cognition - Listening in the Real World" and will cover a wide range of subjects, from the basics of auditory perception to higher order cognitive processes, as well as practical applications and new approaches to understanding auditory cognition.

The School will be suitable for late-stage Masters and PhD students with an interest in Auditory Cognition and will consist of a 6-day educational program (seminars and practical sessions) complemented by group work projects for the students and a wide range of social activities.

The Summer School will be a combination of both theory and practice, covering many levels of auditory processing. This will be a fairly challenging syllabus, introducing topics such as bottom-up processing of sounds to modern theories of awareness, music cognition, speech perception and new approaches in cochlear implants. The practical sessions in the afternoons will allow participants to gain hands-on experience of some of the techniques and applications discussed during the seminar sessions. Students will learn to make recordings both in the field and the lab, run some key experiments and be introduced to the body of methodological techniques associated with this field; student’s will also have the opportunity to produce and participate in a sonic-art performance in Plymouth University’s Immersive Vision Theatre.

This year, the teachers and topics to be addressed are:

          Rhodri Cusack: Neural correlates of conscious auditory perception

          Maria Chait: Discovering and representing patterns in sound sequences

          Henkjan Honing: Music cognition

          Annemarie Surlykke: Biosonar: Using sounds to probe the world

          Dick Botteldooren: Environmental acoustics

          Sophie Scott: Neurobiology of speech perception

          Bernhard Laback: New approaches in cochlear implants

          Matt Coombe and Neil Rose: Sound and Space

The deadline for applications is the 27/05/12; successful applicants will be notified by 10/06/12.

For more information and to make an application, please visit: http://www.acsummerschool.org/index.php

For information related to the educational programme and eligibility for the school please contact Orsolya Szalárdy: szalardy@xxxxxxxxxxxx

For other enquiries related to accommodation etc. then please contact Lucy Davies: lucy.davies4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Best wishes,


Orsolya Szalárdy
Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology, MTA TTK
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