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Re: R&D engineer position on source separation and noise-robust ASR

Age discrimination is illegal in France indeed, except for specific contracts designed to fight youth unemployment. As written in the offer, we are seeking a person who graduated in 2011 or 2012. Sorry for the mistranslation.


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> Linda,
> A quick Google search shows that age discrimination for employment is
> unlawful in the EU since 2001, and it could be that the phrase "young
> engineering graduate" is a mistranslation of "jeune diplômé(e)"
> (word-to-word "young graduate," but actually meaning "recent
> graduate"). In this case it may have to do more with experience than
> age.
> However, I remember seeing that some scholarships for doctoral
> research in France had an age limit--I don't know if those would fall
> under the purview of the law. It's also interesting to note that in
> the US some awards are age-sensitive (like MIT's TR35).
> I believe that every language and culture has built-in biases--thanks
> for pointing this one out so we can be more aware of them and make
> sure they don't turn into discrimination.
> Mihir
> (unaffiliated with the op, just happened to grow up in France... but
> came to the US for grad school in part because I was "too old" to take
> advantage of some of those age-limited scholarships!)
> On Apr 27, 2012, at 11:26 PM, Linda Seltzer wrote:
> >> Inria is seeking a young engineering graduate
> >
> > I do not know the rules in France, but I hope that the community
> > will
> > kindly note that in the United States age discrimination is illegal.
> > This
> > is related to the issue of the advancement of women professionally,
> > as
> > some women pursue education at senior age levels. Employers who
> > refuse to
> > consider older candidates will miss the opportunity hire some good
> > people.
> >
> > Linda Seltzer
> > Consultant, Microsoft

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