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cochlear imploants

I've a client with an interesting problem.  She has recently earned her
technician amateur radio license.  She has cochlear implants.  She is having a
problem with signals at 146.67 mHz in the 2 meter band that she believes are
eminating from her implant.  I've seen processing signals in the 70cm band
(around 436 mHz) but never really strong signals.  She says that the signal she
is receiving is being a problem for other radios in the same building that she's
in.  I'm wondering if anyone on the list has seen such extreme rfi problems from
an implant.  I tend to think the signal is probably coming from another source
but thought I would ask the list.


Tom Brennan  KD5VIJ, CCC-A/SLP
web page http://titan.sfasu.edu/~g_brennantg/sonicpage.html