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Re: Ultrasonic natural sound recordings

Hello Nicol,

you should care about wind and get some windshield, something from Rykote or Cinella or Sennheiser, but it has to fit the microphone you choose. Windshields usually come with suspension grips that reduce significantly handling and cable transmition noises, and also ground vibration. You can get some separate inexpensive suspension like the Sabrasom products.

Coming to Zoom products you better get the "new" H4N, plain H4 is discontinued and its replacement is much better.

The microphone you point seems to have very high noise level, maybe because its electret construction, but it could be OK for the application intended. zoom preamplifiers are not world class but you can try to get some frequency response chart and see if it is good for your work. Eventually you can get a separate preamplifier from Sound Devices for example.

In any case check for responses above human frequency threshold, including windshield attenuation.



2012/4/18 Nicol Harper <nicol.harper@xxxxxxxxx>
Hello.ÂI am new to this list.

I am making at set of natural sound recordings. I would like to be able to record frequencies up to at least 40kHz, with a microphone that is as insensitive to sound-source direction as possible and also preferably with with a fairly flat frequency response. I will probably also want to avoid sounds from vibrations and knocks to the microphone during movement of the microphone.

I am currently using a zoom H2 recorder on mono mix with a 96kHz sampling rate, and carrying it carefully or using a tripod.

I was thinking of maybe using a zoom H4 with a Knowle FGO microphone.

Does anybody have any other suggestions, or know of anything I should watch out for?

I can spend up to a few thousand dollars.

All the best,

Nicol Harper

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