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Music Listening Habits Study

Hello everyone,

Our Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience lab at McGill University (http://www.zlab.mcgill.ca) is conducting a study to better understand how individuals start liking new music.  A part of this involves distribution of a fun survey to a large group of participants.  We would be very grateful if you would be willing to complete this 15 minute survey (link below).  There will be a draw for a $100 prize!  (Chances of winning = 1/number of participants)

We are trying to distribute this as widely as possible (internationally); the results will become more valid as more people fill it out.  If you would be willing to forward it along to any mailing lists, friends, or family, we would be very appreciative!  Please note that with every person that you send it to who completes the questionnaire and provides your email address as the source of referral, you get an additional ballot in a second draw for $100!  (Chances of winning = 1/number of ballots)  

Also, please note that all personal information is kept strictly confidential.  The principal investigator is Valorie Salimpoor (PhD candidate) and the advisor is Dr. Robert Zatorre.

Link to survey: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dG0xZEhycVFlOENtNVJOSGRoMGxQX1E6MA

Best wishes,
Valorie Salimpoor