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Why not the list?

"I too found my job through the Auditory List."

Although the above sounds like an old ad for the New York Times, I agree with those who say providing information about jobs is almost as important as discussions of auditory issues.  After all, if we don't work we don't eat and if we don't eat we can't do research.  And it is not as if there is a torrent of job postings every day - at  most two or three a day come through, a number easily deleted even by the most harried reader (according to Bruno's chart there have been about 150 postings through the first three months of the year - a mean of 1.6 per day). 

So this does not seem to be a problem greatly in need of a solution.
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Psychoacoustics is not my primary field. I find everything on this list to be of value. I retain about 400 postings per year. Each year, I repost about 40 - 60 postings to the [more general] electroacoustic [music] community, passing information and ideas on to another up to 750 [or more] people who work in the cognate discipline of electroacoustic studies [high art electroacoustics / composition included]. Job posting and conference announcements here inform large numbers of undergraduates as to the reach of the field of sound study. For items which do not have sustained interest, I find the DELETE key is quick and reliable. Kevin On 2012, Mar 24, at 9:39 PM, Al Bregman wrote: > Hi Everybody, > May I make the following suggestion to deal with the objection of some > list members to receiving job notices? People who were posting a job > or position opening could start the Subject line of their posting with > the phrase "Position available". Those who didn't want to look at > such postings could just set up a filter in their email programs to > delete messages whose subject line contained this phrase or direct > such messages to a separate folder. > Best, > Al > ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- > Albert S. Bregman, Emeritus Professor > Psychology Department, McGill University > 1205 Doctor Penfield Avenue > Montreal, QC, Canada H3A 1B1. > Office: Phone: (514) 398-6103, Fax: (514) 398-4896 > http://webpages.mcgill.ca/staff/Group2/abregm1/web/ > ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- > > > > On Sat, Mar 24, 2012 at 8:35 PM, Bruno L. Giordano > wrote: >> Some numbers are never a bad idea. >> >> Barry is right in observing an accelerating job-posting trend (see figure; >> 2012 is rough expected number of messages with either job or position or >> professor in subject). I was expecting a valley of death around 2008, but I >> see only a tiny meaningless dip. >> >> This trend is comforting to myself and to many individuals: I do hope it >> keeps up, at least until I find my dream job ;-) >> >> Bruno >> >> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >> Bruno L. Giordano, PhD >> Voice Neurocognition Laboratory (CCNi, Glasgow Univ) & >> Affiliate member of Music Research Dept. (McGill Univ, Montréal) >> URL: http://www.brunolgiordano.net >> >> >> On 24/03/2012 10:42 PM, Marcelo Caetano wrote: >>> >>> Hello everyone, >>> I don`t want to be rude or create any problems, but I happen to think >>> that if someone just wants to leave the list, all the person needs to do >>> is follow the instructions onhttp://www.auditory.org/ (copied below for >>> >>> reference). I had the impression that Barry also wanted us to know the >>> reason he chose to leave. Even though I don`t think this alone is a >>> reason for remarks, I do believe it to be a good topic for discussion. >>> Marcelo >>> >>> PS. In time, I found my current postdoc position here >>> >>> >>> Joining and leaving the AUDITORY list >>> >>> By joining the AUDITORY email list, you will receive all the postings >>> via email, and you will be able to contribute to the discussions. You >>> can join the list by filling in the form on the AUDITORY membership >>> questionnaire . >>> >>> Subscribed members can leave the AUDITORY list, or modify their current >>> details (including email address) by visiting their private AUDITORY >>> information edit page, and selecting the "no messages" option at the >>> bottom of that page. Please refer to the message you received when >>> joining the list for the URL of the edit page, or you can contact me to >>> retrieve it for you >>> >>