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hearing problem

Hello List,

During this last year my hearing has worsened. My specific symptoms are:

1. I confuse certain consonants. I think I have trouble with "onset time"

2. I have trouble listening to speech in a noisy (not very) background.

What test(s) can I ask to be done for 1 and for 2.?
Should these be done by a MD or by an audiologist ?
Can a hearing aid help to correct my problem ?
Which is best (a) behind the ear
                    (b) in the pinna
                    (c) in the auditory meatus

Manny, manny thanks,

Fred Herzfeld, MIT class of 1954
78 Glynn Marsh Drive # 59
Brunswick, Ga. 31525

tel: (912) 262-1276
Web: http://alum.mit.edu/www/herzfeld