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Re: Does anybody have the Keele database for the pitch estimation evaluation ?

I have copies of the Keele pitch database audio files with reference fundamental frequency tracks. There doesn't seem to be a copyright notice in the description files, but if someone can assure me that it is OK, I could make them available on our FTP server.

README says: For details on this database and the file format see:
keele_pitch_database.htm in this directory or: Plante, F, Ainsworth, W.A. and Meyer, G. (1995) "A Pitch Extraction Reference Database"
Proc Eurospeech Madrid, 837-840.

Mark Huckvale

On 16/03/2012 12:38, Phil Green wrote:
On 16/03/2012 07:48, Lloyd Watts wrote:

I believe you can find it here, courtesy of Dr. Martin Cooke.



Good luck,


Don't think so - I think you need to contact Georg Meyer at Liverpool -
Georg Meyer <G.Meyer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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