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Proposal of Organized Session on Robot Audition at IROS 2012

Dear Colleagues,

Please accept our apology if you receive multiple copies of this announcement.

We plan to have the 9th organized session on robot audition at the International Conference
on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2012) in Vilamoura, Algarve, Portugal
(Oct. 7-12).

The organized session (formerly known as organized symposium) on robot audition
includes the following topics to achieve robot audition:

 * sound source localization
 * sound source tracking
 * sound source separation
 * automatic speech recognition
 * pitch extraction
 * noise reduction
 * dereverberation
 * music recognition
 * music robot
 * music interaction with robot
 * sound classification & identification
 * dialog control and systems
 * language acquisition
 * speech understanding
 * computational auditory scene analysis
 * multi-modal integration
 * system integration
 * active audition
 * microphone array processing
 * sound map generation/sound-based SLAM
 * sound/speech-based human-robot interaction
 * software environment for robot audition
 * sound visualization
 * embedded hardware system
 * any other audio related topics

So far, the organized sessions have provided an excellent opportunity
for fruitful discussions on the latest auditory/sound/speech processing for
robots. We believe that the organized session also
stimulates this research area and contributes to robotics.

If you are interested in presenting your paper in this organized
session, please send the following information (you can change the
information on your paper submission.) by Feb 28, 2012 to
gokhan.ince_at_jp.honda-ri.com (_at_ should be replaced with @).

 * paper title(s)
 * author(s) and affiliation(s)
( + paper ID (if you have already submitted a paper))

After our proposal for this organized session is accepted, we will send
instructions for submission. Then, you can submit your paper to the
organized paper submission area via Paperplaza by Mar 10, 2012. The
review process and schedule will be the same as those of regular

For general information on organized sessions at IROS 2012, please
check the link below
Because each session should consist of 6 papers, we may propose
multiple symposia to cover all accepted papers.

Sincerely yours,

 Gokhan Ince
   (Honda Research Institute Japan Co., Ltd., Japan)
 Kazuhiro Nakadai
   (Honda Research Institute Japan Co., Ltd./Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
 Hiroshi G. Okuno
   (Kyoto University, Japan)
 Patrick Danes
   (LAAS-CNRS & Universite de Toulouse, France)
 Eric Martinson
   (US Naval Research Laboratory, USA)
 Naoto Iwahashi
   (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Japan)

Gokhan Ince, Ph.D.
 HONDA Research Institute Japan Co., Ltd.
 8-1 Honcho, Wako-shi, Saitama, 351-0114, JAPAN
 TEL: +81-48-462-2121 ext.7171  FAX: +81-48-462-5221