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Re: auditory saliency classes (natural and environmental sounds)

Dear Francesco,

The saliency of environmental sound is not a fixed quantity.  it can very greatly depending on context.  Even the saliency of a sound such as a phone ringing will diminish greatly in a context, of say, dozens of phones ringing (even if the other phones are not necessarily masking the target energetically).  I have some data on detectability of common environmental sounds in both noise and in familiar auditory scenes which might be a starting point.  However, those data are no guarantee of what the saliency of these sounds in other contexts might be.

Sorry to make this complicated,
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Subject: auditory saliency classes (natural and environmental sounds)

Dear List members I am working to build an audio corpus for my PhD research and I am seeking studies on auditory saliency classes of natural and environmental sounds. In other words, some hyerachical organization of sounds in terms of their saliency besides the macro dichotomy alarm-sounds vs. all-the-rest... Looking forward to your suggestions, best wishes - Francesco -- Francesco Tordini â skype francesco.tordini PhD Student â http://www.cim.mcgill.ca/sre/personnel/ Centre for Intelligent Machines and Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering McGill University 3480 University Street, Room 426 Montreal, QC, H3A 0E9, Canada | T: (514) 398 8201 _________________________________________________