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Sixth Edition of An Introduction to the Psychology of Hearing

Dear Colleagues,

Hopefully, some of you will be interested in the Sixth Edition of An Introduction to the Psychology of Hearing, published by Emerald Press. Bingley, UK.

The 6th edition of An Introduction to the Psychology of Hearing has been thoroughly updated. New sections have been added covering perceptual methods of estimating basilar-membrane compression, informational masking of non-speech and speech sounds, experiments and theories concerning pitch perception, and the perception of speech in complex auditory environments.

As a special offer to members of this list, it is possible to get a 30% discount off the published price, valid until Dec 31st 2012, using the special code POH312 (where O is the alpha character not numeric).

To order your book through the Emerald Bookstore and take advantage of the 30% discount it is mandatory that you first log the code (POH312) on the Bookstore's discount registration page: http://books.emeraldinsight.com/offer. After this you can proceed with your purchase. This offer is valid until 31 Dec 2012. If you experience any problems in making your purchase please contact Heather Graveling at hgraveling@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx who will help you process your order personally.

I hope you find the book useful.

Best wishes,

Brian Moore

Brian C. J. Moore, Ph.D, FMedSci, FRS,
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