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Re: Data on loudness growth functions in hyperacusis?

Dear Roland,

I'm not sure that there are that many papers on this topic.  The loudness judgements tend to be quite variable within subjects, which complicates things ...

One that you might be interested in is Khalfa's 2004 paper on loudness perception in ASD (attached).  Unfortunately, there is only growth of loudness data at one frequency - 1kHz - but DR data at several frequencies.

If you find anymore, do let me know please.

Good luck,

Attachment: Increased perception of loudness in autism Khalfa 2004.pdf
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On 7 Feb 2012, at 11:37, Schaette, Roland wrote:

Dear List,
I am looking for papers containing data/figures on the growth of perceived loudness at different frequencies in people with hyperacusis. So far, the only paper I could find was the one by Norena and Chery-Croze (2007), but there must be more on the subject, not?
I would be grateful for any hints to papers/books/data archives that I have overlooked.
Many thanks in advance,
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