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TU Graz/Austria: Senior Research and Teaching Associate in Speech Communication

Dear List,

I am forwarding the following information on behalf of Prof. Gernot Kubin:

Senior Research and Teaching Associate in Speech Communication

The Signal Processing and Speech Communication Laboratory (http://www.spsc.tugraz.at) at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) in Graz, Austria (http://www.graztourism.at), has an immediate opening for a Senior Research and Teaching Associate. TU Graz has been founded in 1811 and its SPSC Lab in 2000. Since then, this lab has grown to 25+ full-time researchers, working in the fields of nonlinear signal processing, wireless communications, intelligent systems, speech communication, as well as acoustics and audio engineering. The lab has taken leadership in several excellence programs like the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Nonlinear Signal Processing, the Competence Network for Advanced Speech Technologies, the National Research Network on Signal and Information Processing in Science and Engineering, and the Competence Centers for Exc
ellent Technologies project Advanced Audio Processing. 

Applicants must have an excellent PhD degree in Electrical/Information Engineering, Computer Engineering/Telematics, or a related field. Furthermore, experience in research, teaching, and project management in the fields of Signal Processing and Speech Communication is expected. Fluency in English is a must as well as the willingness to learn German. TU Graz aims to employ a diversity of talent and thus welcomes applicants who will add to the variety of the University, especially as concerns its gender structure.

Successful candidates are expected to further develop their scientific career through top-level research, to develop and teach theoretical and practical courses, to supervise student projects, and to initiate and direct research projects funded from public sources or through industrial cooperations. Applicants who want to work towards the "habilitation" degree are highly welcome and will be actively supported. The gross yearly all-inclusive salary is approx. EUR 46.000,- with a teaching commitment between 4 and 8 hours per week. The contract extends over a duration of 6 years.

For further information on the position please contact Prof. Gernot Kubin at g.kubin@xxxxxxxx. 

Applications must quote the reference number 4420-11-015 and comprise a detailed CV (covering research, teaching, and project management experience), a transcript of records of both undergraduate and graduate studies, copies of relevant publications and the PhD thesis, a proof of language proficiency, and two letters of reference. They must be mailed by January 11, 2012, to Prof. Dr. Heinrich Stigler, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical and Information Engineering, Inffeldgasse 18, A-8010 Graz, Austria as well as by email to zavec@xxxxxxxxx.

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