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spontaneous/read speech


I am not a hard core speech person, but here are a few titles for you to start. Lindblom has done quite some work on specifying the differences between the two styles.

Krull, D. (1989). “Second formant locus pattern and consonant-vowel coarticulation in           spontaneous speech.” Perilus 10: 87-108.
Lindblom, B. (1990). Explaining phonetic variation: a sketch of the Hyperspeech and     Hypospeech theory. Speech Production and Speech Modelling, NATO ASI Series. A.  Marchal and W. J. Hardcastle eds., Kluwer Academic Publishers.
Lindblom, B.(1996). “Role of articulation in speech perception: Clues from production.”         Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 99: 1683-1692.
Rossi, M. (1993). “A model for predicting the prosody of spontaneous speech (PPSS       model).” Speech Communication 13: 87-107.
Sampath, S. (1995). Dialect specific features of Australian English diphthongs in       spontaneous speech. Proc. of ESCA Eurospeech'95, Madrid.


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