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missing fundamental refs

Dear list,

Here is a collation of the responses to my query for EEG, MEG, PET &
fMRI studies of missing fundamental pitch perception in humans.

Thanks very much to all who replied.

Crottaz-Herbette, S. and R. Ragot (2000) "Perception of complex sounds:
N1 latency codes pitch and topography codes spectra" Clinical
Neurophsiology (still in press?)

Galbraith, G.C., 1994. Two-channel brain-stem frequency-following
responses to pure tone and missing fundamental stimuli. Electroenceph.
Neurophysiol. 92, 321-330.

Galbraith, G.C., Doan, B.Q., 1995. Brainstem frequency-following and
behavioral responses during selective attention to pure tone and missing
fundamental stimuli. Int. J. Psychophysiol. 19, 203-214.

Galbraith, G.C., Bhuta, S.M., Choate, A.K., Kitahara, J.M., Mullen,
T.A., 1998. Brain stem frequency-following responses to dichotic vowels
attention. Neuroreport 9, 1889-1893.

Greenberg, S. (1980). Neural Temporal Coding of Pitch and Vowel Quality:
Human Frequency-Following Response Studies of Complex Signals. Los
Angeles, UCLA Working Papers in Phonetics #52.

Greenberg, S., J. T. Marsh, et al. (1987). "Neural temporal coding of
low pitch. I. Human frequency-following responses to complex tones."
Hearing Research 25: 91-114.

Griffiths, T.D., Beuchel, C., Frackowiak, R.S.J. and Patterson, R.D.
(1998). "Analysis of temporal structure in sound by the brain," Nature
Neuroscience, 1, 422-427.

Lutkenhoner, B., C. Lammertmann, B. Ross, and O. Steinstrater:
Tonotopic organization of the human auditory cortex revisited:
high-precision neuromagnetic studies. (this will appear in the
proceedings of the conference: Physiological and Psychophysical Bases of
Auditory Function A.J.M. Houtsma, A. Kohlrausch, V.F. Prijs, and R.
Schoonhoven (eds.)Shaker, Maastricht, 2001)

Ragot, R. and R. Lepaul-Ercole (1996). "Brain potentials as objective
indexes of auditory pitch extraction from harmonics" Neuroreport 7,

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