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ISO 532 B / DIN 45631 Loudness

To the Group:

I am including (what I think is) a working matlab program for the
calculation of loudness according to DIN45631 / ISO 532 B.  It reads a sound
from a wav file, calibrates the data, filters it into 1/3 OBs, and then
calculates Loudness and Specific Loudness.

To anyone interested:

A while back I asked for some help on putting together a loudness program in
matlab.  Several people were very helpful and I want to offer my thanks to
everyone for their input. Here is what I have.  It seems to work, but I
would be interested in anyone's feedback. Some notes:  The Oct3dsgn function
is not mine.  I got it from the matlab site.  My Loudness code is a
conversion of the BASIC code found in J. Acoust. Soc Jpn (E) 12, 1 (1991).
I had tried an older program found in JASA, but I think its tables were a
little old so I couldn't get the right value for standard signals.  Finally,
I had to mess with the 1/3 OB filters to get the poles to be stable so you
might want to check to make sure what I did there is reasonable.

Thanks for any comments


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