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Re: "sound fields"

At 12:32 AM +0000 12/3/00, Peter Lennox wrote:
I wonder if the list(s) could help;
I'm looking for opinions on reasonably inclusive definitions of the term :
"sound field", in order to draw distinctions between this concept and the
more general "sound environment".
I'm sorry if this is somewhat 'off topic', but a variety of perspectives
seems appropriate for this particular question.
thanks (in advance)
Peter Lennox
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To my mind, the terms "soundfield," "soundscape," and "sound
environment" are interchangeable.  I tend to use "soundscape" and
"soundfield" to refer to sounds we hear on playback of pre-recorded
material, and "sound environment" to refer to naturalistic
(ecological) sound sources, but I have no reason to believe this is

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