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New mailing list: cochlea@auditorymodels.org

To all interested in cochlear modeling:

We would like to announce the creation of three new mailing lists
on cochlea, middle ear, and hair cell modeling:

In case you have been reading the very successful AUDITORY MAILING LIST,
you may know that there has been strong feeling about the need for a
similar list dealing with cochlear modeling. Many people have been
thinking that such a list could make an important contribution.
If you agree, please read on.

After some prodding and thought, we have decided to start a series of lists, along the
topic of
auditory modeling, and have created a new web site called


This site includes several mailing lists, the most
important of which is


along with general material (incomplete) at http:/auditorymodels.org/jba

The purpose of mailing list is to discuss cochlear modeling issues. Models, mathematics,
data, and whatever (it is up to you).

Please join the list. If you find it not to your liking, it is easy to unsubscribe. You
can choose to get a digest once a day, once a week, or
on a message by message basis.

To find out more, point your browser to:


Once there you will find instructions on signing up. If you later wish to unsubscribe,
visit the same URL and follow the instructions.

Please pass this along to others interested in how the cochlea works.

Questions and problems (bugs) should be addressed to Jont Allen, jba@research.att.com


Jont Allen,

Steve Neely,

Chris Shera,

Paul Fahey

Cochlea mailing list: