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Re: purely spectral pitch

Dear Peter,

thanks for your e-mail and sorry that I haven't replied earlier. I've
actually just discovered your e-mail, because my mail-tool sometimes
behaves in strange ways.
Yes, if there were temporal structure at the output of the
cross-correlation, there wouldn't be a problem (for temporal pitch
theories). But that's John and my argument: there probably isn't much
temporal information at the output of the cross-correlation. At
least temporal envelope modulations don't get through the binaural
stage very well. However, as I said, it might be the case, that, in
some strange way, temporal envelope modulation is smeared by binaural
sluggishness whereas the fine-structure gets through. But I guess,
we would need a much more sophisticated model of binaural sluggishness
than the temporal window approach... What do you think?

Best wishes,