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Steinschneider & Co

Dear List,

thank you for your interesting comments! Yes, the line of argumentation
by Peter Cariani is quite comprehensible. There should be only one
predominant phase locking periodicity in the high frequency-MUA - that
of the envelope.
So the absence of phase locking information in MUA and CSD recordings at
low frequency sites is not per se an argument for a rate place
transformation in the midbrain, as suggested by Langner et al., but may
be simply due to mutual cancellation of different periodicities.
I suppose that one reason for the failure of spectral encoding in the
high frequency regions, also reported by Steinschneider et al., may be
that only unresolved components stimulated  these sites (BF 2600 Hz:
stimulation rates from 75-150 Hz, phase locking up to about 125 Hz; BF 5
kHz: stimulation rates between 10 and 500 Hz, phase locking up to about
200 Hz). So it would be interesting to see what happens when these sites
are stimulated with higher rates where the harmonics in the BF-regions
are still resolved.

Best regards,

Annemarie Seither-Preisler

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