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speaking F0 range for groups

Bruno Repp wrote:

"I believe a distinction needs to be made about
(1) the possible F0 range for individuals,
(2) the speaking F0 range for individuals, and
(3) the range of average speaking F0 frequencies across individuals.

I believe the question posted on the list concerned (3), whereas the
Dutch data Martin cited concern (1)."


I wrote nothing about "possible F0 ranges". The Dutch data I cited,

138-469 Hz for 8 adult females,
65-333 Hz for 7 adult males,

concern cumulative speaking F0 ranges for groups. They were collected under
two voice conditions, normal loudness and raised loudness. It was not tested
which F0 minima or maxima the speakers could reach.


Martin Braun
Neuroscience of Music
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