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Re: web demos

Hi Bill and List,

I may not have made clear what sort of work would be submitted to ARLO.  It
would not be one or more puzzling illusions of the type described in the
ongoing discussion on the list.  While this might be valuable for
certain purposes, my preference is always to try to see auditory phenomena
as the manifestation of underlying principles.

The idea would be to study a set of related stimulus patterns, generated for
the purpose of testing hypotheses by varying certain acoustic parameters,
whose effect, taken as a whole, could serve as evidence for a certain
theoretical statement.  The following parts would be included in the report:

- Title page, giving authors, affiliations, contact Information,
   of assistance and financial support
- Abstract.
- Introduction: Relationship of the present paper to the literature.
- Methods: Description of the precise parameters for the stimuli, and
  instructions to the listener regarding optimum listening conditions.
- Audio files and descriptive diagrams.
- Results:  The typical effect of the variables, which the listener is asked
to verify.
- Discussion:  The implication of these results for the issue being studied.
- References and links, including links to our website,

In other words, it would follow the outline of a scientific journal article,
except that the demonstrations would substitute for the results of running
subjects in an experiment.  Like any  journal article, it would be expected
to explore a range of conditions sufficient to reach a (possibly tentative)
conclusion (within the scope of a 6-page paper -- the ARLO page limit).

The paper would also be available from our own website, in a manner
analogous to the availability of preprints that authors often circulate for
Comments would be solicited on our website, to be sent via the web and
published on our website.  There would be links to ARLO if the article is
published there, plus links to other related web pages.

Best wishes,


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> Al,
> I have been thinking more about your problem. It seems
> to me that ARLO is not the right venue. ARLO will be for more
> complete work, at least for the present as it starts out.
> If I may ask, what do you need by way of funds to make this
> go? The ASA may be able to help.
> Bill