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Re: holding on a minute

"James W. Beauchamp" wrote:

> On Tue Sep 19 16:51:02 2000  Alexandra Hettergott wrote:
> >Finally some heretic remark (worth an expulsion from the list ?) : the
> >changes are just about to happen, they do have their clear merits, >yet might be reaching Academia a little later than the rest of the
> >world ... (okay, just imagine a fully-reliable (interactively
> >peer-reviewed) entirely "electronic" version of some honorable
> >scientific periodical -- plus auditory demonstrations accompanying
> >the experiments given in the text...).
> I don't think this is heretical.  In fact, the Acoustical Society of
> America is already moving in this direction by establishing ARLO.
> Here is the recent announcement from the ASA:
> Now we have a situation where the regular ASA Journal is increasingly
> being disseminated by CD-ROM.

In two weeks or so, you will be able to buy JASA on cdrom, for the
period of 1929-1996, for $200. It will come on 10 cds.

> Wouldn't it be even more convenient if it
> were distributed via the web?  However, what about funding?  Well, if a
> password that comes with membership were required for access, that
> should solve that problem (except perhaps for hackers). But what about
> the statement above that "Infinite dissemination to readers with Internet
> browsers (no subscription fees)" is desired? Is the CD-ROM a temporary
> situation?

To publish on ARLO you must pay a $300 fee. That is how it is funded.
Unlike the pages charges, this one is not optional.

> Jim