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Loudness calculation

Brian Moore wrote:

> The model published as:
> Moore, B. C. J., Glasberg, B. R., and Baer, T. (1997). "A model for the
> prediction of thresholds, loudness and partial loudness," J. Audio Eng.
> Soc. 45, 224-240.
> gives the loudness of a 70 dB 1000 Hz tone (binaural, frontal incidence in
> free field) as 8.1 sones, 70 phons.

I have found the explanation for the difference in the results. 
  1. I used an early version 1.0 from 1994 (not version 4.0, from  http://hearing.psychol.cam.ac.uk/Demos/demos.html  )

  2. I used as input to the program the '1/3 Octaves' option instead of 'Complex Tone'. (The 1/3-octave option was chosen in order to make the input similar to the ISO/DIN method with 70 dB SPL in the 1kHz  one-third octave.)

If I use LOUDAES.EXE with free field, frontal, binaural, complex tone, inharmonic, one component, 1000 Hz at 70 dB  - I get exactly the result referenced above.

Thanks, Brian and Michael, for reminding me of this important input difference.


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