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ARLO is Launched

The Acoustical Society of America announces the launch of
a new electronic letters journal called Acoustics Research
Letters Online (ARLO).


Anyone with an internet browser can read ARLO at no cost.


ARLO features online submission and reviewing of short
manuscripts in any area of acoustics covered by JASA.
Multimedia files (e.g. video and audio) and color are
encouraged. References are linkable.  Rapid processing of
manuscripts is promised by the new online Manuscript
Management System (TM), with the possibility of online
publication within one month of the time of submission.

Authors are required to pay a $350 charge for accepted

The Manuscript Management System relies on associate editors
who obtain online peer review of submitted manuscripts. These
associate editors are mainly the associate editors for the
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.

Information about ARLO can be found at http://ojps.aip.org/arlo

Happy Reading (and writing)!

Bill Hartmann