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post-doctoral positions

        The CIHR Research Group on Sensory and Cognitive Aging is looking
to fill three post-doctoral positions starting in September, 2000.  We are
looking for two people with a strong background in hearing and one person
with a strong background in vision.  All three should also have a strong
interest and some familiarity with higher-order cognitive processes, such
as memory, reading, speech perception, and language comprehension.

        The long-term objective of our research group is to determine the
nature of the strong linkage between sensory and cognitive aging.  To
achieve this goal, we have gathered together a group of researchers with
expertise in hearing and vision as well as in psychophysics, cognition,
and cognitive neuroscience.  Thus, we can and will be investigating the
linkage between sensory and cognitive aging using a variety of behavioural
and psychophysiological techniques, including functional magnetic
resonance imaging, and scalp recordings of event-related potentials.
Successful candidates will receive training in these techniques and will
be expected to coordinate the use of these techniques in studies designed
to (1) determine the reasons for the linkage between sensory and cognitive
aging; and (2) identify the neural circuitry that is being affected by
these changes.

        The members of the Research Group are : Bruce Schneider (hearing
and speech); Claude Alain (auditory perception and event-related
potentials); Patrick Bennett (vision and visual aging), Meredyth Daneman
(reading and language comprehension), Cheryl Grady (functional imaging of
neural structures affected by cognitive aging), Kathy Pichora-Fuller
(hearing disorders and speech comprehension), and Allison Sekuler (visual
perception and aging).  We also have strong collaborative ties with Randy
McIntosh (functional imaging), Lynn Hasher (attention and cognitive
aging); and  Fergus I. M. Craik (memory and aging).

        We have excellent psychophysical research facilities in hearing
and vision at the University of Toronto, and ready access to a variety of
imaging techniques through the Rotman Institute of the Baycrest Hospital
for Geriatric Care.

        Applicants should send their CV and three letters of reference to:

        Bruce Schneider
        Head, CIHR Research Group on Sensory and Cognitive Aging
        Department of Psychology
        University of Toronto at Mississauga
        3359 Mississauga Rd.
        Mississauga, Ontario L5L 1C6
        Phone: (905) 828-3963
        Fax: (905) 569-4326
        email: bschneid@credit.erin.utoronto.ca