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speech corpus

Dear List,
  My colleagues (Todd Nelson, Mark Ericson, and Brian Simpson) and I have
collected an extensive speech corpus for use in investigating the effects of
the spatial separation of multiple simultaneous talkers on speech
intelligibility (one aspect of the cocktail-party effect).  As the
collection of these phrases (described in detail in a letter in the February
issue of JASA) was a rather tedious and time-consuming process, and in the
hope that it may prove more broadly useful, we have decided to make this
corpus freely available to other researchers pursuing similar
investigations.  Any one interested may receive a free copy of the corpus by
sending a blank recordable compact disk with a self-addressed postage-paid
return envelope to me at the following address:

   Robert S. Bolia
   Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL/HECP)
   2255 H Street
   Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, 45433-7022


Bob Bolia.

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