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Re: [Fwd: Cochlear mechanics]

Dear Jont and Colleagues,

It is rather easy for each member who wants to participate in the cochlear
discussion (or any other specialized discussion) to set up a "group" on
his/her own mail program, containing the e-mail addresses of everybody who
has so far participated in that discussion.  After this is done, messages
can be sent to all members of the group by sending it to a single "alias".
I think this would make it unnecessary to burden Dan Ellis with the job of
setting up and maintaining another list.

This is not to imply that the subject, cochlear mechanics in this case,
should never again be discussed on the general list -- that would be a
serious loss to all of us.  It means only that there may be some value to
having specialized nitty-gritty debates go on between those people whose
training and interests lead them in this direction, with the occasional
summary posted to the general list by some altruistic individual (perhaps
Jont, Andrew, or Eckard).  Such summaries would also allow new persons to be
recruited to this offline discussion.

- Al

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From: Jont Allen <jba@research.att.com>
Subject: [Fwd: Cochlear mechanics]

> Dan,
> Where are you, on your way to NYC? We really need your help
> to set up a second list on cochlear mechanics. This has
> gone on long enought (i.e., too long).
> Jont