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Re: Cochlear travelling wave. An epiphenomenon?

Dear Jont and List:

Thankyou for your detailed comments and the included references. I will make
a point of revisiting them.

>I suggest you submit your paper to JASA, and get it published. Then lets
>talk about it. Your airing your untested concepts on a large number of
>people, and it needs some quiet private time, not a public discussion.

Thankyou for recommending an appropriate journal; I will take up your
suggestion. As for posting ideas to the list, my understanding is that part
of the list's function is to discuss and clarify new concepts.

My ideas have in fact been quietly developed over many years. The paper on
the web is a refinement of several earlier versions, and in an effort to be
brief has been pruned of extra supporting material. However, thanks to
feedback from members of this list I now can see that I would do well to
include a clear exposition of where the theory differs from conventional TW

Andrew Bell.