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Re: The Perception of Phase over Headphones

Dear Frank,

I agree with Jont when he says

"If the group delay variations, either between the two ears, or across
frequency in one ear, are too large, then you will hear that delay."

With regard to the perception of phase distortion over headphones, in
addition to the papers Jont noted by Doug Pries, you might like to also
look at

Patterson, R.D. (1987).  A pulse ribbon model of monaural phase perception.
 J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 82, 1560-1586.

In this paper, we measured the perception of group delay and set out the
limits for the detection of group delay. The interesting thing to note is
that it is that it depends on stimulus bandwidth as if the relevant value
is the total delay across the available listening region. The relevant
section of the paper is that on MPH waves.

Regards,  Roy Patterson

There are some good phase perception papers, of maybe 10 or more years ago,
by Doug Pries (if I remember correctly) in the J of the AES.
He is a Prof. at Tufts Univ. I dont think it was earphone listening in his
but loudspeaker. Not sure about that."


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