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Re: Speech+Noise corpora

Hi Max,

>We are working on several new algorithms to enable us to extract speech
>signals in noisy environments, and are seeking ways to objectively validate
>the capabilities of our algorithms.  Does anyone on the list know of a set
>of well characterized speech and noise files that are available for
>downloading and that may have been used by others in evaluations of noise
>reduction strategies?  Examples of conditions that we would be interested
>in include:  speakers and stationary noise, various types of non-stationary
>noise, two overlapping speakers, speech and music, car environments,
>strongly echoic environments, etc.

The AURORA project (http://www.icp.inpg.fr/ELRA/aurora.html) is a focus for
robust ASR work at the moment. The material is digit strings from the TIDIGITS
database + various added noises at different levels.

Soon to be released is SpeechDat-Car, digit strings recorded in cars - will be
available through the ELRA site above.

On a smaller scale, you can get the 100 sound mixtures used in Martin Cooke and
Guy Brown's Ph.D.s from Martin's web site: http://www.dcs.shef.ac.uk/~martin/

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