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New simultaneous masking model - subjective listeners please


I am excited to announce that I am almost finished developing a new
(and perhaps more modern) masking system from other older masking systems
(a system being a spreading model and masking model).

I need your help however !

I require some people to do an informal listening test on some output
audio (the original is attatched). The reason is that I need to find a
good approximation for a scaling constant for the auditory mask threshold.

Be warned the files with the test audio are rather large, so only people
with high speed network links should try to upload.

FOR THOSE WHO WISH TO HELP OUT ....... please read on ......

The audio can be found at (only upload one or the other - both are the

Please send me back the name of the audio file with the largest number at
the begining of the name, which sounds as close to as good as the
attatched audio original.
i.e. if files 0.0197948.fa.wav and 0.020115.fa.wav sound equally as good,
please send me the name '0.020115.fa.wav' to me in an e-mail.

You may want to listen to the files 0.0001.fa.wav and 0.08.fa.wav first.
Also please don't spend too much time on it ... thanks


Attachment: fa.wav
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