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                          Department of Psychology,

                           University of Manchester

                   Four Postgraduate Studentships available
                             from  September, 2000

Applications are invited for four Studentships to be held within the Department, from
 September 2000. Applicants should have, or expect to obtain, at least an upper-
second class (IIi) Honours degree in Psychology, Cognitive Science or a cognate
discipline. Holders of the Studentships will be expected to provide help with
laboratory classes with first-year year students.


A:  Two, three-year, full-time Studentships: #8,000 per year (from which, students
will be required to pay tuition fees of, currently, #2,740). While we should welcome
applications from students wishing to pursue research in any area of psychology
falling within the research interests of members of staff (see Research pages),
preference will be given to candidates wishing to pursue research in visual, auditory
or somatosensory perception, spatial orientation or motor control.

B:  Two, one-year, full-time Studentships: #8,000 pa (from which, students will be
expected to pay tuition fees of, currently, #2,740). Eligible applicants will wish to
pursue research which falls within any area of psychology supported by the ESRC
(see ESRC website for current Thematic Priorities   { HYPERLINK
"http://www.esrc.ac.uk"; }www.esrc.ac.uk), as it is  intended that the students will
apply during the year for ESRC Research  Studentships to run from the beginning of
the second year.

For further information, contact

Dr D J O Boyle
Tel: 0161-275-2590
Email: { HYPERLINK "mailto:oboyle@psy.man.ac.uk"; }oboyle@psy.man.ac.uk

For applications forms, contact

Sylvia Lavelle,
Tel: 0161-275-2553
Email : { HYPERLINK "mailto:sylvia@fs4.psy.man.ac.uk";