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SNDAN, M4C, and Armadillo an/syn tools

It's come to my attention that the old URL's for SNDAN, M4C, and
Armadillo are no longer valid. Also, the old ftp download procedures no
longer work.

The URL for SNDAN, which is a suite of programs for musical sound spectral
analysis, graphics, spectral modification, and additive synthesis, is now

The URL for M4C, a Music-X-style program for sound synthesis, including
additive synthesis using SNDAN output, is

The URL for Armadillo, a real/non-real time GUI sound analysis/display
program, is

SNDAN and M4C run on Unix machines, including Linux, but not on Windows
or Mac. A Windows/DOS version of SNDAN is available at
The Unix versions consist of C-source code to be compiled on the client
machine using the install script provided.

Armadillo is supplied in binary only and only runs on a Power Mac,
preferably a G3 or G4 with at least 64 Mbyte memory.

These programs are periodically updated. The latest date on SNDAN is
9/14/99, when the possibility for combining analysis files was introduced.
The latest date for M4C is 11/20/96, but we are expecting an upgrade soon.
The Armadillo version is dated 8/11/99.

For Armadillo, download is right off the web page, but for SNDAN and M4C,
since I like to know who has received the software, the download is from a
separate URL. Lacking an automatic download procedure at the moment, the
current procedure is to email me a message giving the following
registration information:

     Name:        <your name>
     Affiliation: <name of school, business, etc.>
     Address:     <building, street, city, state, zip, country>
     Phone:       <country code, city or area code, local number>
     Email:       <email address>
     Computer:    <type of hardware, e.g., SGI O2>
     Op. Sys.:    <software op sys, e.g., Irix 6.3>
     Program requested: <SNDAN or M4C>

When I receive this message, I will send you the URL for downloading the

In the meantime, if anyone has a good automatic procedure that I can use,
I'm all ears.

James W. Beauchamp
Professor Emeritus of Music and Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
email: j-beauch@uiuc.edu  <-- preferred address
WWW:  http://ems.music.uiuc.edu/~beaucham