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Psychoacoustics and music -- RESPONSES

Dear List,

I would like to express my gratitude for this invaluable resource, the
auditory list.  In particular, I thank S. Rosen, R. Mountain, J. Allen, D.
Cabrera, L. Borden, M. McKinney, R. Coen, J. Walt, M. Fernsrtom, and B.
Repp for their very helpful comments and suggestions.  (I hope I did not
forget anyone).

In addition to the book I asked about (Perry Cook's 1999 edited volume
titled "Music, Cognition, and Computerized Sound" published by MIT Press),
for the benefit of the other list member who might be interested, I have
compiled a list of books on the topic of psychoacoustics of music that
were recommended in the responses I received:

Introductory texts:

Roederer, J.G. (1995). Introduction to the Physics and Psychophysics of
  Music (3rd ed). New York: Springer-Verlag
Sundberg, J. (1991). The science of musical sounds. San Diego, CA:
Moore's 'Introduction to the Psychology of Hearing'
Butler's "A Musician's Guide to Perception and Cognition"
"Music Cognition" by Harwood
David Howard and James Angus "Acoustics and Psychoacoustics", Focal Press
 (but has some errors)

More specialized texts:

Sethares' 'Tuning, Timbre, Spectrum, Scale' (Springer)
Parncutt's 'Harmony: A Psychoacoustical Approach' (Springer)
Zwicker & Fastl's 'Psychoacoustics: Facts & Models' (Springer)
Deutsch (ed) 'The Psychology of Music' (2nd ed)
Hartmann's 'Signals, Sound and Sensation' (AIP Press, 1997)
Deutsch, D. (1999). The psychology of music (2nd ed.). San Diego, CA:

Thanassi Protopapas