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Dear Colleagues,

Typically I haven't been so fussy about headphones in my research.  I just
use a reasonable set, similar to Sennheiser HD414, and calibrate it with a
flat-plate coupler.

I am starting a new project for which I would like to have some confidence
that the phase response was fairly linear, i.e., that components in the
signal have (in the ideal case) the same phase relations among themselves in
the output of the headphone as they have in the input to them.

I assume that I will have to use electrostatic headphones to satisfy this

Does anybody know whether this is true; and/or can you recommend a specific
model?  I haven't yet put a price limit on it, but obviously there comes a
point of diminishing returns as the price increases..



Albert S. Bregman
Emeritus Professor
Dept of Psychology
McGill University
Montreal, QC
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