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replies: cortex and modeling

Dear List,

A few weeks ago I asked for references to research articles which
combine measures of auditory cortical activity with computational models
of auditory cortical processing.

Here are the responses.  Any other suggestions would be welcome.

Ani Patel

May et al, (1999) Frequency change detection in human auditory cortex."
J. of Computational Neuroscience 6:99-120.

MiddlebrooksJC, Clock AE, Xu L, Green DM:  A panoramic code for
sound location by cortical neurons.  Science 264:842-844, 1994.

Middlebrooks,JC, Xu, L, Eddins, AC and Green, DM:  Codes for
sound-source location in non-tonotopic auditory cortex, J
Neurophysiol 80:863:881, 1998.

Xu,L, Furukawa, S, and Middlebrooks, JC: Auditory cortical
responses in the cat to sounds that produce spatial illusions,
Nature 399:688-691, 1999.

Furukawa,S., Xu, L., and Middlebrooks, JC: Coding of sound-source
location by ensembles of cortical neurons,  J Neurosci (in press).