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Software for information transfer and SINFA analysis

I was recently reminded that I had promised on this list some time ago to
make available our suite of programs for conditional (sequential - SINFA)
and unconditional information transfer analysis. A DOS version of this is
now available on:


A short description follows.

Yours - Stuart

P.S. That's one New year's resolution out of the way!


FIX (Feature Information Xfer) is a set of programs designed to facilitate
analysis of confusion matrices by both ordinary and sequential information
transfer analysis (SINFA - Wang & Bilger, 1973, JASA, 54[5] 1248-1266).

The programs may be menu-driven, or run as stand-alone modules. These
executables run under MS-DOS on an IBM PC or clone. The programs have also
been used under UNIX on a MASSCOMP 5/6000 series computer. Source code may
be made available for users with special needs.

The software is available via anonymous FTP free of charge but with
copyright retained by UCL.

Stuart Rosen, Ph.D.
Professor of Speech and Hearing Science
Dept. of Phonetics & Linguistics
University College London
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Tel. (44 171) 380 7404
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