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software data bases of musical themes

Dear list,

Does anybody know about the existence/availability of software data bases
of the type found in Barlow & Morgenstern's well-known dictionaries of
musical themes, satisfying the
requirement that one can make special search selections, e.g. all
first themes of movements of compositions by one or more composers,
normalized to C major and C minor respectively, starting with a descending
        I am convinced that such data base(s) is/are enormously helpful
for numerous researchers in different disciplines of music science,
including music cognition and perception.
        If such a corpus does not (yet) exist, it's worthwile to make it,
and to have eventually paid back the
costs of the "monk's labor" by means of making the access to the data bank
commercially available.

Piet G. Vos
section Perception NICI KUN
P.O.Box 9104
6500 HE Nijmegen NL
tel: +31 24 36126 31/20; fax: +31 24 361 59 38 vos@nici.kun.nl