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Precision and non-orthogonality in sonification

Ken Fields wrote:

> How about something like a granular display,
>when the query is being processed, status could be monitored by
>grain density, freq and size. Otherwise they watch a spinning globe
>or something that doesn't give much feedback on the status of their

Ken, you might want to check out Stuart Smith et al's 1994 ICAD paper on
using granular synthesis for sonification. The perceptual testing they did
indicated a lot of interaction between parameters. However, if you're
looking for broad navigation aids rather than precise indicators, this may
not be too disruptive.

I think this tradeoff between precision of representation and
non-orthogonality of auditory variables is going to be an important issue
for all of us. It is also an issue that points up the distinctions and
inter-relationships between psychometrics and task-oriented design.


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