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Software for running experiments

Dear List Members,

I am currently searching around for software to generate and sequence
stimuli and collect data for music perception experiments.  I thought I'd
write to see what programs list members have used and found to be
convenient.  Ideally the software should have as many of the following
features as possible:

+be for PC rather than a Mac

+drive MIDI devices

+be able to time note onsets and offsets down to the millisecond

+be able to randomize the order of stimuli anew for each subject

+be able to collect discrete data points directly from the subject (e.g.
reaction times, identification/discrimination responses)

+be able to generate windows that can be viewed/used by the subject during
the experiment (but that don't reveal too much of the structure of the
experiment to the subject)

Any suggestions gratefully received.  I shall write again in about two
weeks summarizing the responses I get.  Thanks in advance for your


Matthew Royal

P.S.  I vaguely remember a similar request coming up on this list a few
months ago, but do not recall seeing any follow-up to it.  My apologies if
this is covering old ground for some people.


Dr. Matthew Royal
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Faculty of Music
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