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duration counts

Hello all,

I'm currently looking at frequency of occurrence/duration pitch counts
occurring in real music.  I know that this has been done in the past, but
it seems to me that all reports have collapsed across pitch class.  I'm
interested in counts that don't do this.  With the sample of compositions
I've looked at so far, I get a fairly steep curve that is centred around
middle-C -- e.g., these notes are played the most and for the longest
durations.  I have plans to proceed with these counts in order to achieve a
representative sample.  However, before investing any serious amount of
time, I thought I should check with the list to be sure this hasn't already
been done.   Has it?  Any idea is welcome.



Frank A. Russo
Acoustics Lab, Department of Psychology
Queen's University, Kingston, ON, K7L 3N6, Canada
phone:  613-545-2490     fax:  613-545-2499
email:  russof@pavlov.psyc.queensu.ca
www:  http://pavlov.psyc.queensu.ca/~russof/