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Roommate wanted

To those List members wishing to attend the IEEE Workshop on Applications
        of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics at the Mohonk Mtn. House
        (Oct. 19-22):

I am planning to attend the above meeting. Room rates at the hotel are $ 153
double and $ 193 single occupancy (+20% tax). Since I find the single rate
rather steep, I would like to locate a nonsmoking colleague and reserve a double
room.  As I understand, there are still rooms left unreserved but they are going
fast. Is there anyone out there willing to share a room with me? Please
reply ASAP.

        Pierre Divenyi

Pierre Divenyi             Speech and Hearing Research (151)
                           V.A. Medical Center, Martinez, CA 94553, USA
Phone: (510) 370-6745;     Fax: (510) 228-5738
E-mail :                   PDivenyi@ucdavis.edu