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Re: Segregation (re: auditory illusion)

Dear Alain,

The notion of segregation was brought into the discussion by the idea of
a theory having to distinguish between red-ball-on-blue-table and blue-ball-
on-red-table, possibly even when the two structures coexisted. Hence my
example of a potentially adulterous situation which only fits Alain's
segregation definition #3. However, in my interpretation, and I would like
to ask Al Bregman whether or not he concurs, auditory scene analysis (ASA)
implies that both the source and the message have to be identified and
correctly associated with each other. In other words, ASA is not complete
unless the attribute and its value are accurately perceived for all
concurrent events.

Yes, this will make the concept of ASA somewhat narrow but isn't precision
worth it?


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