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Re: call for proposals?

Dear David,

I think it is quite appropriate.  I am forwarding it to the list.


Al Bregman


On Thu, 15 May 1997, David Butler wrote:

> Hi, Al.
> I wonder if this call document might be appropriate for listing on the
> auditory list, particularly in light of area "C" in the first paragraph.
> Best wishes,
> David
> >Call for Papers and Presentations
> >International Clarinet Association
> >James Pyne, Festival Director
> >July 7-12, 1998
> >The International Clarinet Association will hold a festival and symposium
> >entitled "Vienna and the Clarinet" at Ohio State University from July
> >7-12, 1998. The event will focus on four areas:
> >A. ClarinetFest, the annual festival of the ICA, featuring performances by
> >US and international artists and premieres of recent clarinet works by
> >Viennese composers.
> >B. Musicology, exploring the unique relation between composers,
> >performers, and instrument builders in the Viennese Classic tradition with
> >presentations of papers and period instrument performances.
> >C. Music cognition and perception, with emphasis on expert musical
> >D. Instrument building and woodwind acoustics, featuring presentations by
> >manufacturers and acousticians and encouraging presentations on the
> >history and development of instrument brands and related important
> >innovations.
> >The Association solicits proposals for presentations of papers and
> >lecture-recitals for all areas above. The use of live or recorded
> >performance is acceptable, although presentations whose sole aim is
> >performance should be directed to the performance area described below.
> >Presentations must be designed to be no more than 25 minutes in length.
> >Also, proposals are solicited for poster presentations for all areas
> >above. Proposals which are not selected for presentation may be invited
> >for the poster session. Prizes will be offered by the ICA for any area as
> >follows: First place paper, $200 and guaranteed publication in The
> >Clarinet; Second place paper, $100; First place student paper, $100; and
> >First place poster, $100.
> >Six copies of an abstract, one page only, describing the content of
> >papers, lecture-recitals or poster presentations must be submitted to Dr.
> >Keith Koons, ICA Research Presentation Committee Chair, Music Department,
> >University of Central Florida, P.O. Box 161354, Orlando, FL 32816-1354. No
> >name or identification of the author should appear on the proposal. The
> >area A, B, C, or D for which the proposal is intended must be indicated.
> >The postmark deadline for proposals is January 10, 1998. For more
> >information, write or call Keith Koons at (407) 823-5116 or electronic
> >mail: kkoons@pegasus.cc.ucf.edu.
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