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Help needed for French translation

Dear List,
Someone I know is looking for proper French translations for several
terms in acoustics, such as the followings:

- frequency spectrum
- pulse
- peak intensity
- peak spectrum
- noise field
- source levels
- broadband high frequency
- 10dB re luPa
- phonations
- intensity levels
- broadband pulses
- octave bands, etc.

He would be grateful if somebody could help him with these terms and/or
is aware of a lexic or references that would be helpful.  Please reply to
him directly at:


Many thanks,
Sylvie Hebert

Sylvie Hebert, Ph.D.            TEL: (613) 545-6000, ext. 7858
Post-doctoral Fellow            FAX: (613) 545-2499
Department of Psychology        e-mail: heberts@pavlov.psyc.queensu.ca
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