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SMPC Call for Abstracts: Deadline extended to April 16

  2nd Call for Abstracts and Tutorial Proposals: Society for Music
Perception and Cognition

  MIT Media Lab, July 31-August 3, 1997
  www:  http://sound.media.mit.edu/smpc/
  email:  smpc@media.mit.edu

  New abstract deadline: April 16, 1997
  Notifications for abstracts submitted by April 1: May 1, 1997
  Notifications for abstracts submitted after April 1: May 16, 1997

  The Society of Music Perception and Cognition invites you to submit an

  abstract for unpublished papers in the following or related topic
areas in
  both Western and Non-Western traditions:

     * acoustics and psychoacoustics
     * pitch and structure
     * perception and cognition of melody, harmony, rhythm, and meter
     * learning and memory
     * music and neuropsychology
     * emotion and meaning in music
     * expression encoding
     * philosophy and aesthetics
     * performance and improvisation studies
     * machine models of performance
     * computational applications of music perception/cognition

  The Society also invites tutorial sessions on key topics.

  Single page abstracts on any of the above or related topics for
  and proposals for tutorials should be sent to:

     Connie Van Rheenen, SMPC Conference Registrar
     MIT Media Laboratory, Room E15-486
     20 Ames Street
     Cambridge, MA 02139
     cvr@media.mit.edu or smpc@media.mit.edu

  Expected length of presentations is 20 minutes, including questions.

    1. a hard copy of your abstract; and
    2. a printed list of your equipment needs
    3. either:
         1. a diskette containing the formatted abstract; or
         2. an e-mail copy of your abstract based on the following form

  Further formatting specifications for the hard copy:

     * Microsoft Word or Word Perfect diskette (preferably Microsoft
     * one single-spaced page, with one inch margins at top, bottom,
       and left
     * one blank line between paragraphs, no paragraph indenting
     * text in Times New Roman font, as follows:
          o title, in 16 point bold, on 1 or 2 lines
          o blank line
          o name, in 12 point bold
          o blank line
          o affiliations, mail address, telephone, e-mail, in 10 point
          o blank line
          o text, in 10 point plain

  Please see the SMPC web page at http://sound.media.mit.edu/smpc/
  for further conference details.